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Transforming Your Practice Time: 3 Tips For More Focused Practice
After working with thousands of drummers both online and off, I’ve realized that while drummers love to play the drums, it’s their practice times that are often suffering. So I’m going under the hood of our practice times in this 3 part series.
It’s not that we don’t have enough practice time, it’s that we don’t structure that time in an efficient method or maintain the needed focus to facilitate growth. I have literally been working on this for more than 2 years…tons of research, stacks of books, loads of real life examples, warm up routines, and so much more…but I am finally about to wrap it up.
This course will be entirely focused on developing a predictable daily practice routine that yields results and allows you to leave your practice time happy and satisfied. It will be about revolutionizing your practice time so that you can stop having practice guilt and start enjoying your playing. The really cool thing is, it won’t be just your practice time that improves. Being happy and content with your playing leads to a happier and more productive life outside of the practice room as well. It is going to be a COMPLETE BRAIN DUMP of everything I know about the art of practicing. I am going to show you how to construct a methodical and predictable daily practice routine that lets you maximize every minute of practice you put in.
The series starts on March 22nd and will only be available for a limited time. Best of all, it’s 100% FREE. You will leave this lesson series with skills you can use right away.
It’s 100% FREE and since it happens online, there are no travel costs. Click here to register for the event now.
• Lesson Title: Transforming Your Practice Time: 3 Tips For More Focused Practice
• Lesson Summary: A FREE online lesson series designed to help drummers maximize their practice times to ensure more focused and productive practice sessions
• Date: Tuesday, March 22nd
• Cost: The online event is 100% free
• Teacher: Stephen Taylor
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