A New Book by Roy Burns

Edited by Murray Houllif

Peter Magadini – Poly Rhythm Pioneer, Author and Teacher, San Francisco, CA.

Roy, I recognize a lot of the exercises in this book (because you taught them to me) and they are some of my favorite concepts. I use them to this day. I am so happy that you compiled all these years of playing, teaching and innovating into one book. For any-drummer who wants to really know how hand technique works and how it is applied when playing high level drums then this is for you. It is the only system I ever teach to my students. Roy’s cd solos are also great but track #1 “Tribute to Ron Spagnardi (1998), is a “masterpiece.” Good going Roy, this is a book I highly recommend.

Jack Mouse – Percussion Instructor at North Central College, IL.

“Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Roy Burns’ latest offering, RELAXED HAND TECHNIQUE is a must have. After spending a single practice session with just a few of the exercises in this book, I could actually feel the positive effects of the routines, particularly in my endurance. Start by listening to the included cd. It is vintage Roy Burns and will inspire you to delve into the exercises. Also, be sure to check out the section on the BUZZ ROLL. It is an absolute revelation. Thanks Roy, keep ‘em coming!”

George Marsh – Professional Drummer, Author, Instructor at UC Santa Cruz and

Sonoma State College, CA.

Roy’s new book, “Relaxed Hand Technique”, is brilliant for several reasons. The exercises themselves are musical. The introduction alone can help a drummer not make time consuming and sometimes injurious mistakes. Roy Burns has been there as a player and teacher for many years and his insight into relaxed musical drumming is gold. Get this book and use it!

Joe Roma – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Johnstown, NY.

Another classic book by the great Roy Burns. An excellent compendium of exercises Roy developed over the years. In particular, the multi-rep exercises with each hand will really help you, as well as Roy’s insistence on relaxation. Great playing, too, on the accompanying cd.

Darryll Johnson – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Winter Haven, FL.

Dear Roy, I’m enjoying your newest book RELAXED HAND TECHNIQUE. These exercises are just fun to play!

Section 7 Rolls: The buzz rolls simply flow into the next exercise. All of our buzz rolls need work.

This book will FIND your tension problems. For me, it was Section 5 Compound Strokes: I realized that I ALWAYS tensioned my wrists for compound stroke patterns. This was an incorrect effort to sync the sticks.

And this is something I rarely practiced. Now I’ve got 12 pages of solid homework! For more challenges, several of these sections can be applied to double bass drums. A tremendous work out for double bass players. Great job!

Mike Henry – Professional Drummer; Teacher and Owner of the Percussion

Center, Houston, Texas.

What Roy’s book does so well is lay out the exercises in a format that is straight forward and effective. The challenge in writing out patterns and exercises in book form is that it’s hard to explain how to make it feel good or swing. With this new book the exercises feel layered and they push you along with a musical result. Roy figured out a long time ago how to play this stuff; now we all can. Just listen to the CD!

Mike Chilton – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Tampa Bay, FL.

For the first time in many years, I do not have a kit set up in my house. This has actually been great because I have been spending much more time on a practice pad focusing on my grip and overall technique. I recently started working from “Relaxed Hand Technique” and found it to be extremely helpful. I have noticed that when I get to my kit I have more endurance, power and the ideas that I have in my head seem to flow much more easily! The exercises in the book are short and easy to memorize and all have a groove to them so they are fun to practice !! I honestly love all of Roy’s books and my students do as well!!

Also, check out the CD. Roy’s playing is nothing short of amazing.

Rick “Boom” Steel – Professional Drummer, Author and Teacher, Santa Monica,


“…Roy has done it again! With this latest book, Relaxed Hand Technique, he’s poured his vast teaching knowledge into a pure technical gold mine. This material is near and dear to me. Because I studied with Roy, I have worked with many of these patterns. And I can tell you, they get results! The preface alone is worth the price. If you are serious about building your chops, this book must be on your music stand!