Jack Mouse – Award winning jazz drummer and percussion instructor at North Central College, IL.

Over the years Roy Burns has continued to make contributions to virtually all facets of the art of drumming. The latest invaluable offering from the all-time master technician is “SOLO SECRETS”.

SOLO SECRETS is to the drummer what calisthenics are to the professional athlete. I can’t wait to include the material in my personal practice routine and to share it with my students.

Be sure to check out the DVD that is included with SOLO SECRETS to see all of the applications of the material in the book. This book is the STICK CONTROL on Steroids.

Evan Stone – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Fullerton, CA.

This book is chock full of exercises that will help develop the left hand along with bass drum in a very musical way.

Most of my students complain that their left hand is weaker than their right. This book solves this problem and takes an in depth look at the left hand weakness to develop it into a strength.

As a master teacher, Roy is practical in his approach to drumming and in sharing of information to practice, which helps the student cut through the nonsense and get to the important stuff. Each section develops your coordination gradually and naturally until you get to the final section 4 where you are applying them with challenging solos!

The added bonus DVD of Roy’s last drum clinic makes this a book a no-brainer to own.

Joe Buerger – Professional Drummer and Teacher, St. Louis, MO.

The DVD of Roy’s last clinic is worth the price of the package. At a Roy Burns clinic you always learned something you could use. The rhythms in the book are sensational. I love the warm ups. Great Book!

Darryll Johnson – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Winter Haven, FL.

This book is a “treasure chest”, of ideas. You can use it so many ways. The DVD of Roy’s clinic is worth the price of the package. Tremendous!

David Calarco – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Castleton, NY

Buy It.” Very Challenging! Check out Roy’s left hand on the DVD. Awesome!

Dick Dicenso – Drum Teacher,

Dicenso’s Drum Shop, Weymouth, MA

It’s a fun book! Very musical as many of the solos are based on 12 bar blues and 32 bar song forms.

It’s a great book for developing the left hand and musical soloing.

Tim Ellis – Owner, Ellis Drum Shop, St. Paul, MN

This book is easy to read and very user friendly. You don’t have to be a great reader to learn from and enjoy this wonderful book.

Also, being a left handed drummer who grew up playing a right handed drum kit, this book just feels right. You left handers out there should try this book. You will like it. Plus, the DVD of Roy’s clinic is awesome.

Jimmy Ford – Professional drummer and owner of Ford Drums, Fullerton, CA

Fantastic! The warm up exercises are awesome. The last section of the book takes the mystery out of bass drum and left hand combinations and coordination.

A truly original book. There is nothing else like it!

Congratulations to Roy.

Bobby Pavone – Professional Drummer and Teacher, Long Island, NY

Books like this are exactly what the Drumming Community needs. Only Roy Burns with his amazing talent and wealth of real-life experience could put together such a great package.

This book will raise the awareness and increase the confidence of any drummer who uses it. My students love it. An instant Classic! Plus, the DVD of Roy in action is super. Check out the single strokes at the end of the clinic.

Peter Magadini – Jazz Drummer, Author and Teacher, San Francisco, CA

Roy Burns has a new book! I know Roy Burns’ work well. I had the privilege of being his student for one year in New York City when Roy was teaching at Henry Adler’s Drum Store and playing drums in the city. I know his work from all sides and this is another stellar book. It is accessible at many levels but the results will be the same. It moves your technique forward and at the same time is one of the best warm up books I have seen (if you only have a few minutes). “Solo Secrets” has solid direction and yet it allows you to re-interpret the exercises should you wish to do so. I use it and recommend it.

P.S. Roy “smokes” the opening drum solo on the DVD.