Stevie D "Solar Flare" vid!

Aquarian Artist, Steve Di Stanislao, aka “Stevie D”, is a professional Drummer, Vocalist, Producer and Entrepreneur. His talents have been called upon by some of the most iconic names in the music business: David Gilmour, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Don Felder, Kenny Loggins, Joe Walsh, Loggins & Messina, David Crosby and many more.

In April, Steve dropped by the Aquarian Warehouse to rehearse his band for the debut performance of his upcoming solo album, Solar Flare. A born band leader, Stevie D understands the importance of chemistry and knows how to put a band together: Mark Massey (PIANO), Kevin Axt (BASS), Carl Verheyen (GUITAR), Paul Carman (SAX). The communication and musical conversation amongst the band members show why Stevie D is so successful at what he does.