Original from the Dominican Republic, he is best known by his stage name Papolo Sonoro. In 1996 he traveled to New York City to take lessons at Drummer Collective. In 1997 returns home to start the band Tribe del Sol, along with Rafa Payan and Laura Rivera. In this group he is initiated in songwriting, composing the lyrics to all the songs, as well as sharing producing credits with co-founder Rafa Payan. The group achieved large success in the latin pop/rock market, with several songs leading the charts in his natal Dominican Republic, as well as Venezuela, Colombia, New York City and Spain. Hits such as Buscame, No me dejes Morir, Ni siquiera el Sol and Por ti, are songs that have become hymns for a generation of devoted fans. The band produced two albums, the first one: 'Buscando Una Razsn' was chosen by Billboard Magazine as the best Latin Album in 1998. The album received the title of Best Hispanic Pop/Rock Album by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1998. He has also published two solo albums, ERES (2006) and Libertad Sonora (2014), which have allowed him to collaborate with recognized musicians, including Luis Payan, Sandy Gabriel, Edgar Molina, Alfio Lora, Peter Nova, and Alex Mansilla among others. His songs Delivery de Amor and TU, reached the #1 spot on the charts in the Dominican Republic for several weeks. His success as a solo artist allowed him to perform along renowned international artists including Shakira, Robi Draco Rosa, Fito Paez, La Ley, Cultura Profitica, Vicente Garcia, Joaquin Sabina, Pedro Guerra, Caifanes, Mana, Ricky Martin, La Ley, among others. His first solo album ERES, was nominated to the 2006 album of the year at the Soberano Awards. He is currently working on his third solo album, Que me Falte Todo (2018), which includes the participation of renowned bass player Tony Levin. He is also involved in the project: El Humo del Placer, on which he is the producer, working alongside Alexis de Peqa and Mariela Viqas, creating fusion music Caribbean music and electronic beats. He has also developed a successful career in advertising, producing commercials and jingles for international brands for the Caribbean market. Brands include Shell, Taco Bell, KFC, Jeep, Heineken, Pepsi, Verizon, Coca Cola, Bayer, Ron Brugal, Frito Lay, Budweiser, Orange, 7up, Nissan, Toyota, Infiniti, Mazda, Audi, Presidente Beer, Coors Light, Maranatha Colombian Coffee, Santo Domingo Coffee, Shiraz Wine, among others.



Buscando Una razsn
Tribu del Sol
Tribu del sol
Pavel Nuqez
Pavel Nuqez
De vuelta a Casa Live
Pavel Nuqez
Mala Lluvia
Said Carbonell
Marel Alemani
Cero Bit
Rafa Payan
Rafa Payan
Papolo sonoro
Libertad Sonora
Miguel Pumarol
Parece que va llove
Preso de tus besos
Alex Mansill
Entre dos mundos
Marte O venus
El Arte de no dormir
Marte O venus
Mariela Mercado
Mariela Mercado
Xiomara Fortuna
Jazz Live
Chichi Peralta
El que no corre vuela
El Humo del Placer