Born on July 8, 1980 in Newark, NJ, Tyshawn Sorey is a drummer (who also performs on piano and trombone), composer, and educator who works across a very extensive range of musical mediums ranging from rock, jazz, free improvisation, blues, and funk to klezmer, Afrobeat, contemporary classical, Afro-Cuban, and chamber ensemble settings. Since high school and during his years at William Paterson University (where he received his Bachelor’s degree in jazz studies and performance), he has had the opportunity to study drumming and ensemble playing in various contexts with legendary musicians such as Billy Hart, Ralph Peterson Jr., Bill Goodwin, and John Riley. In addition, Sorey has also studied West African and Japanese drumming traditions with Ghanaian master drummer Abraham Adzenyah and taiko player Mark Hideyuki Rooney while pursuing his Master’s degree at Wesleyan University and has since applied the music to the drum set. Since 2000, Tyshawn has performed and/or recorded with many musicians such as Steve Coleman, Butch Morris, Dave Douglas, Jason Moran, Ikue Mori, Brandon Ross, David Binney, Pete Robbins, Kokayi (of Opus Akoben), Muhal Richard Abrams, JD Allen, Matana Roberts, Roscoe Mitchell, and Aaron Parks, among many others. In addition to leading his regular working trio, Sorey is presently involved in collaborations with Vijay Iyer (trio and sextet), Himanshu of Das Racist, Myra Melford, Steve Lehman (quintet and octet), Mario Pavone, Michele Rosewoman’s Quintessence (quintet) and New Yor-Uba project (a 12-piece Afro-Cuban folkloric/jazz hybrid ensemble), Mike Ladd, various projects with John Zorn and the International Contemporary Ensemble, for which he also composes chamber works.Leader-ComposerAlloy, Pi Recordings with Cory Smythe and Christopher Tordini. 2014Union, Clean Feed with Ingrid Laubrock and Kris Davis. 2012Oblique – I, Pi Recordings with John Escreet, Todd Neufeld, Loren Stillman, Christopher Tordini. 2011Paradoxical Frog, Clean Feed with Ingrid Laubrock and Kris Davis. 2010Koan, 482 Music with Todd Neufeld and Thomas Morgan. 2009Door, Pi Recordings with Fieldwork: Tyshawn Sorey, Vijay Iyer, and Steve Lehman. 2008That/Not, Firehouse 12 Records with Cory Smythe, Ben Gerstein, and Thomas Morgan. 2007CollaboratorBlue Buddha, Louis Belogenis, Tzadik Records 2015Blue Dialect, Mario Pavone, Clean Feed Records 2015Hen to Pan, John Zorn, Tzadik Records 2015Valentines Day, John Zorn, Tzadik Records 2014Mise en Abîme, Steve Lehman Octet, Pi Recordings 2014Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi, Vijay Iyer and Prashant Bhargava, ECM Records 2014Sound, Space, and Structures, John Escreet (feat. Evan Parker), Sunnyside Records 2014In The Hall of Mirrors, John Zorn, Tzadik Records 2014Two Worlds/Tsvay Veltn: The Poetry of Mordechai Gebirtig,Benjy Fox-Rosen, Golden Horn Records 2014Steps, with Tomasz Dąbrowski, ForTune Records 2013I Thoth So, Aaron Burnett and the Big Machine, Truth Revolution Records 2013Same Egg, with Henry Grimes, Roberto Pettinato, Dave Burrell,Sony Music Argentina 2013The Anton Webern Project, John O’Gallagher, Cadiz Recording Co. 2013Inherence, Timucin Sahin, Between The Lines 2013Lifted Land, David Binney, Criss Cross Records 2013Duets with Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin,Roscoe Mitchell, Wide Hive Records 2013Purity, with Henry Grimes, Roberto Pettinato, Dave Burrell, Sony Music Argentina 2012Quartet, Max Johnson, Not Two RecordsQuite Simply, Angelika Niescier, Enja Records 2011Trillium E, Anthony Braxton, New Braxton House Records 2011My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains, with Roberto Pettinatoand Henry Grimes, Sony Music Entertainment Argentina 2011Leapfrog, Armen Donelian Ensemble, Sunnyside Records 2011The Mancy Of Sound, Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Pi Recordings 2011Antagonisti Androgeni, Biaggio Coppa, Ruby Flower Records 2010siLENT Z Live, Pete Robbins, Hate Laugh Music 2010Harvesting Semblances and Affinities, Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Pi Recordings 2010Urban Creatures, Pascal Niggenkemper Trio, JazzHaus Muzik 2010Konstanz Suite, Johannes Lauer Large Ensemble, Jazzwerkstatt 2010Bafa, Timucin Sahin, A.K. Records 2009Pieces Of Old Sky, Samuel Blaser Quartet, Clean Feed 2009The Winding Shell, Jesse Elder, Off Records 2009Travail, Transformation, and Flow, Steve Lehman Octet, Pi Recordings 2009Pasapos, Pascal Niggenkemper Trio, Konnex Records 2008Day One, Meilana Gillard, Inner Circle Music 2008Modes Of Limited Transcendence, Gene Ess, Simp Records 2008Consequences, John Escreet, Posi-Tone Records 2008Between Shadow and Space, Michael Dessen, Clean Feed Records 2008Do The Hate Laugh Shimmy, Pete Robbins, Fresh Sound New Talent 2008On Meaning, Steve Lehman Quintet, Pi Recordings 2008Conduction/Induction, Butch Morris, Rai Trade 2007Conspiracy for Positivity, Radam Schwartz, Blue Ark Records 2005Color of Dreams, Yayoi Ikawa, Yayoi Ikawa Music 2005Child Real Eyes, Andre Vida (with Anthony Braxton), Vidatone Records 2005Beauty Under Construction, Werner Klausnitzer, Konnex Records 2005Demian as Posthuman, Steve Lehman, Pi Recordings 2005Configuration, Sirone-Bang Ensemble, Silkheart Records 2004Juncture, Various Artists, Pi Recordings 2003Blood Sutra, Vijay Iyer, Pi Recordings 2003