Remo Belli not only changed the percussion industry he had a huge impact on the music industry worldwide.
Remo was a very good drummer at one time. Then he devoted his considerable energy to the drumheads and his business.
As he once told me, “When rock and roll hit there were not enough calf drumheads to meet the demand for all of the drum sets being sold.
His very successful plastic heads bridged that gap. Now there were enough heads to outfit all of the drums being made and sold.
He had an impact on how percussion products were distributed and sold and how music would be shaped and changed. He single handedly developed a great many new products and he was way ahead of everybody else. To say that he will be missed is an understatement.
In our last conversation (at NAMM this year) I told him, “Remo, you are my hero.” He said, “Why is that?” I said, “Because you were the pioneer in percussion.” He grabbed my hand and smiled ever so slightly. I miss him already.
~ Roy Burns

Roy and Remo