inHEAD 1

Aquarian Drumheads and MIDItroniX unveiled the new inHEAD acoustic/electronic trigger head last week at the January 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim. The inHEAD bridges the gap between acoustic drums and electronic percussion. For the first time ever you can play on a real drumhead using your real acoustic drums and in an instant access a whole world of electronic sounds. Drummers love playing real drums and the inHEAD sacrifices none of the feel and sensitivity that you want to experience from a real drumhead and drum in an acoustic environment. The best part is you still get that great feeling when playing the head electronically while using your own favorite set of drums! And on top of all that, the innovative inHEAD technology eliminates unwanted crosstalk and double triggering issues! The inHEAD, coupled with its companion the inBOX, lets your electronic drum module perform like it never has before! Reinforce your sound without using microphones. Create NEW hybrid acoustic/electronic drum and percussion sounds that are all your own. Save time in the studio by capturing great sounding audio while also sending accurate midi information to your favorite computer software.

MIDItronix, Aquarian and inHEAD (patent Pending)… Shaping the future of percussion.

inHEAD 2