The QUIK-BOUNCE™ Pad is smaller (6” diameter), more portable version of AQUARIANS highly successful TRU-BOUNCE™ practice pad (12” diameter).
According to co-owner Roy Burns, “The QUIK-BOUNCE™ pad has the same feel and realistic response as the Tru-Bounce™ pad. Buzz rolls are amazing in that they feel as though you are playing on a snare drum.”
The smaller size (6” diameter) makes the QUIK-BOUNCE™ pad easy to carry in a back pack or travel bag.
It mounts easily on a cymbal stand (8mm thread).
The package contains a Teacher Approved Rudiment Chart and “First Step”, Elementary Snare Drum Studies by Roy Burns.
As if that were not enough, the package also includes a FREE pair of “perfectly balanced” graphite practice sticks which are ideal for practice pad workouts.