Well, this is the first day of the 2011 Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany and what a day it has been! The new Miditronix Aquarian inHEAD acoustic/electronic trigger drumhead has created such a stir that some person or persons actually stole one out of our booth sometime last night or early this morning. Everyone at Aquarian and Miditronix are extremely excited about the new products under development and apparently others are too! There were other more expensive pieces of equipment to be had but the thieves only took the inHEAD and the inBOX. In a odd sort of way we are flattered. To those that took the inHEAD, glad you like the technology we’ve developed. On a positive note, Aquarian was pleased to hear that the inHEAD was nominated for a MIPA award at the show this year. More news to follow…..