Aquarian Essentials

with Mike Johnston

Aquarian Essentials

with Mike Johnston


Getting the perfect drum sound requires the right drum, the right drumhead and a working knowledge of how to fine tune the drum for the music and the room. Having the right tools to modify your sound is essential for a great sounding drum.


Aquarian Drumheads Essential Packs are an ESSENTIAL component for a better drum sound.


The TCE-ESSENTIALS Texture Coated Tom Pack assortments are an ESSENTIAL component of any drumkit re-head overhaul or upgrade. These specially priced value packages include a FREE TC14 Texture coated batter for the snare drum along with one FREE 4.5″ duraDOT and two t-TAB tone modifiers for convenient and effective and tone control.


The Aquarian CC Classic Clear, when used as a bottom or resonant head, resonates with a warm, clean and choke free response. As a Batter Head, the 10mil, crystal clear Nu-Brite drumhead film produces a wide-open sound with plenty of “attack” and musical sustain. These specially priced CCE-ESSENTIALS Classic Clear value packs include a FREE assortment of tone modifying STUDIO RINGS.


• Medium weight, 10mil, single ply drumhead that produces a responsive and resonant tone with sticks, mallets, brushes or fingers

• The Aquarian Safe-T-Loc hoop, combined with our Sound Curve collar design provides for easy tuning, great stick response and zero slippage inside the hoop

• Offers consistent sound with increased resonance
• Dynamic response that drummers should expect from a quality single-ply drumhead

•Our proprietary Z-100 anti-chip coating is the thinnest and most durable coating available. Adds warmth to this superior single ply design

Aquarian drumKit TOOLs

drumkitTOOLS are a collection of simple and practical solutions for helping you fine tune your drum sound, maintain and extend the life of your drumheads, and temporarily fix things when they break!

FINE TUNE FREQUENCIES A tone modifier that makes it easy to “fine tune” the tone and resonance of any drum, in any room, for any playing situation.

PREVENT SNARE WIRE PUNCTURES Durable, and made from a proprietary woven material, place these under the ends of the snare wires to protect and reinforce the bottom snare head where it is most vulnerable.

MODIFY, CONTROL AND PROTECT Made to help shape snare and tom head frequencies with an added focused stick attack. Adds durability and longevity to your drumhead.

FIRST AID + TONE MODIFIER FOR KICKDRUM The 12″ kickPATCH has a strong, easy to peel, adhesive backing that is ready when things go wrong.

Mike Johnston + Aquarian Drumheads

Mike Johnston has been an Aquarian Drumheads Artist and Educator for more than 14 years. He has a talent for helping his students become engaged and really “get it!” With unique teaching techniques like, “embrace the suck,” he communicates in a way that has the student learning lessons that go well beyond the drum. The first of Mike’s lessons; a quality drum sound always starts with quality drumheads.

Texture Coated Drumhead Series

TC Texture Coated single ply head brings out the best in any drum. These heads let a drum do its job and live up to its potential with the Aquarian Z100 coating adding warmth while delivering maximum attack and resonance.

Make your drum sound just the way you imagined it should.

Mike’s preferred studio and practice drumheads are the Texture Coated Series because of their consistent tone, increased resonance, and the sensitive response that drummers expect from a traditional sounding singly ply drumhead.


Mike Johnston on Aquarian Essentials


Solo #1

The sound of your drums can influence improvisation and the drum solo. The pitch, the tone, and resonance of these drums all add inspiration for the melodic and rhythmic fragments in this creative solo by Mike. The Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply is a valued partner in the creative process.

Solo #2

When is a snare drum not a snare drum? When it is acting as a tom-tom! With or without snares, the Aquarian Texture Coated single ply head let the snare drum sing with clarity and a pure tone.


A good drum sound should support the music AND the song. This track shows how Mike uses his technical skill, his creativity and his Aquarian Texture Coated single ply heads to create a great blend and balance between the drums and cymbals.

The balance of tone and dynamics creates a beautiful flowing groove that drives this odd-time composition. Reinforcing our mission that at Aquarian Drumheads, our job is to help drummers make better music.


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