Hi AquarianHeads, please check out this new piece of drumming gear that was invented by Aquarian Artist and good drum brother Steve DiStanislao (aka “Stevie D”). It’s called the Stick Hammock and it was born out of countless Studio Sessions and years of being on the road. Like many of us, Steve became frustrated always trying to find a convenient place to access his sticks, brushes, mallets and shakers for easy switching during a performance. This led him to start thinking about a solution to the problem. He created the first prototype of the Stick Hammock while playing with David Crosby back in ’98 and then continued to use that initial design for several subsequent tours. After years of re-designs and fine tuning the Stick Hammock has finally taken its present shape and is now available to drummers everywhere. It also has great applications for Symphonic Percussionists or vocalists who need a place to put their shakers, tambourine and cowbell. Steve has toured with David Gilmour, Kenny Loggins, Don Felder, Joe Walsh and Chris Robinson to name just a few. Stevie is currently on tour with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Visit www.stickhammock.com for more info