Since 1980, Aquarian co-owners, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez and the A-Team have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer. To this day, we at Aquarian continue to invent, innovate and explore cutting-edge technologies for the creative drummer, but our unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.

The Aquarian® Difference

The design of the head, the integrity of the hoop, the acoustic properties of the drumhead film and the quality of the manufacturing are all determining factors in getting the best sound from a drum.


The number of plies used to make a drumhead will affect the response and the timbre of a drum. Combining more plies together adds more mass resulting in fewer overtones that adds warmth, focus, and durability. Aquarian heads come in One, Two, Three, and Hybrid ply combination models.

Drumhead Thickness

The thickness of the drumhead film is a determining factor in how fast the head will vibrate. The thinner the material, the faster it vibrates, producing higher frequencies and more noticeable overtones. Thicker drumhead film generates lower relative frequencies. All of our heads are made exclusively from Aquarian’s ultra-responsive 3,5,7 and 10mil thick NuBRITE drumhead film.


With Aquarian’s Sound Curve Collar design, the bearing edge finds its own spot in the curve. No wrinkles, even with loose tuning! Tune fast and easy, every time.


Our specialized texture coating finishes are more than just cosmetic; the different density and grit texture combinations helps to color the sound. The denser Vintage and DeJohnette coatings add warmth and a musical tone, while the thinner white and black traditional Texture coating allows the drum to sing with a wide range of frequencies.


Incorporated into all Aquarian heads is a patented 360-degree Safe-T-Loc™ Hoop that eliminates slippage and detuning. The Aquarian Hoop makes it virtually impossible for a head to pull out or pucker, resulting in more consistent tuning with increased resonance.


Aquarian’s exclusive multi-ply vacuum tunning process helps reduce tone killing air pockets and dead spots by removing more of the air caught between plies. The result is a 2 ply head that is more responsive and resonant.