Born into a musical family, John Wackerman continues the musical legacy which started with his father Chuck, a music teacher for over 45 years and proceeds with his three brothers: Chad (drums – Frank Zappa, Barbra Streisand, Allan Holdsworth) Bob (bass – Maynard Ferguson, Keiko Matsui, Henry Mancini) and Brooks (drums – Bad Religion, Korn, Avril Levigne, Suicidal Tendencies).Starting piano lessons at the age of five was John's introduction into performance, but his true passion for percussion began when his father decided to sell his boat to purchase a Vibraphone. "My Mom and Dad would drive me to all my lessons and music competitions and were very supportive" John said in a recent interview, "I was doing all of these private lessons and going to school and things were really hectic, but it taught me persistence and determination". John studied under such greats as: Ruth Ritchie(Mallets), Murray Spivack(Classical Snare Drum), Chuck Flores(Drum set Independence), Charlie Shoemake(Jazz Studies), and Earl Hatch(Classical Marimba).At age 16 John joined the Bill Watrous Big Band and from there moved onto playing with Maynard Ferguson, Kazumi Watanabe, Bunny Brunel, Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues, Yes), and Lindsay Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac). John also played on the Grammy nominated album African Choir-Two Worlds, as well as a varied of sessions and live gigs including: Terry Fator (Band Leader / Musical Director), Cirque Du Soleil "KA", , Slash, Megan Mullally NBC TV Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, Mass Mental with Robert Trujillo,Mad About You, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Comic Strip Live, Family Matters, Amen, Shawn Lane, Daniel Powder, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kirsten Chenowithe, John Davidson, Tony Orlando, Bob Eubanks $250,000 Game Show Spectacular, Gordy Brown, The Miller Brothers, Kei Akagi, Billy Childs, Sea World, IBM, Nissan, Merv Griffin, Will Ferrill, Spinal Tap, Frank Gambale, Brian Auger, Jerry Springer, Issac Washington, John Stamos, Nathen Burton, Linda Suzanne Live, CNN, Circo, Disney, Debra Messing,Virtual Pool, Shock It, Car Crazy, Lens Crafters, Peter Galagher, Warner Bros., Generation X, Vivian Campbell, Cartoon Circus, and LA Fitness.John’s first solo album “John Wackerman Drum Duets Vol.1”features John doing Duets with: Steve Gadd, Alex Acuna, Ron Tutt, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Clayton Cameron, Adrian Young, John Ferraro, Marc Atkinson, Ricky Lawson, Josh Freese, Gary Novak, Brooks, Chad and Chuck Wackerman. John also wrote a drum transcription book of all these great drummers Available at Guitar Center Nationwide and this website.