Like many great musicians who grew up in Louisiana Kevin was heavily influenced by the rich musical culture. He realized a deep love for music at a very early age and was fortunate to play and study with some of the best, most notably New Orleans legend Johnny Vidacovich. Over the past twenty years of his professional career he has performed and recorded many styles of music in various settings across the country and shared stages with several big name artists. He currently performs in venues throughout central and south Texas. He is an in demand session drummer and maintains an active teaching roster. He is currently the first call drummer for one of the largest churches in the United States, Community Bible Church, with a 15,000 member congregation. His drumming can be seen there every week both live and streaming online all over the world and out of all his drumming experiences he finds this the most fulfilling. Drawing from a wide range of experience Kevin uses his passion for drumming to bring joy to and inspire others.



Be Glorified
Glenn Doddson
Stars Apart
Laura Marie
Open My Eyes
David Chalk
Contemplative Worship Live DVD
David Chalk
Contemplative Worship Project Dvd
Nashville Songwriter and worship Leader
Come To Me
Ruben V (Jim Gaines producer)
Disguised as Poetry
Lewis and Clark
To Feel
Far From Since When
Giving Up The Ghost
Fallon Franklin
Smug Sessions