Born and raised in France, Lucas Heiby has always been surrounded by music.It all started with his mentor and father Jean-Michel Heiby who taught him all about the Drums and gave him the necessary tools to build a career in a professional musical environment.In his twenties, Lucas went to Mannheim to do his Bachelor Degree in Music at the Popakademie University and graduated in 2016. Doing an exchange Semester at Columbia College Chicago, Lucas was given the chance to immerge in the American Gospel scene in order to get new techniques and influences.Being a big New York lover, it was a must for Lucas to visit the Drummers Collective a couple of times and take lessons there.His teachers include: Jean-Michel Heiby, Dennis Chambers, Chris Coleman, Udo Dahmen, Lui Ludwig, Jost Nickel, Leroy Clouden and many more.Lucas is currently playing and touring internationally with ALICE MERTON (Platinum Hit-Single “No Roots“) through Europe and the US.