Play your drums through the night without waking up the neighbors!

The Super-Pad Drumsurface reduces acoustic drum volume, but still retains natural drumstick rebound and real drumhead feel.

Natural Drum Sound at a Reduced Volume

When placed on an acoustic snare drum, the Super-Pad activates the snare wires for natural snare drum sound at a greatly reduced volume. Perfect for developing correct snare drum technique while working on buzz, drag, and ghost strokes.

When placed on tom toms, the Super-Pad retains relative pitch with defined articulation and is great for working on melodic phrasing and complex tom fills at a comfortable volume level.

The Super-Pad Kick-Drumsurface innovative design reduces the volume, but still retains the low frequencies for a bigger bass drum sound. The Super-Pad Kick-Drumsurface is designed to fit bass drums with traditional wood hoops only.*

A walkthrough of the Super-Pad Low Volume Drumsurface with Drum Educator Rick Stojak